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HBS is a christian website which offers a christian sms service.

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HOLYBIBLESMS.COM is a Text Messaging Service Website dedicated to spreading the Word of God via Text Messaging (SMS) and Whatsapp Messaging Service Using Latest Technology for God's glory. Now you can get a daily Holy Bible verse directly to your mobile phone! This service is completely free. Please pray for this service and introduce it to your friends. Titus Faith Ministries focuses on spreading the Word of God via Text Messaging. Registration is available across World - No Fees Period. By becoming a member in India, you will receive a free Holy bible verse delivered as a text message(SMS) or Whatsapp Message directly to your cell phone Daily a service provided by Titus Faith Ministries, the easy to use application for receiving Bible verses, sent directly to your cell phone via SMS, yes it is as easy as sending an SMS. Everybody carries a cell phone with them these days but not everyone takes a Bible with them to read.Titus Faith Ministries will try to bridge this gap of technological innovation and negligence of reading God's message one verse, one day at a time. We hope that by reading a verse a day it will at least remind us that God wants to communicate with us, because sometimes we are too busy doing our daily activities that we forget God is watching over us. Titus Faith Ministries allows you to easily access a verse a day and we hope that you will also spread His Word to your friends and families. We hope that by reading a verse a day, you will then be motivated to read more Bible verses. To start using Holy Bible SMS, all you need is a cellphone. It's as simple as that. We hope that this new service will help everyone who uses it to interact more fully and more often with the Word of God. The act of getting text message from the Holy Bible brings the Word of God directly into whatever sphere of life you are in and makes you step back and remember Jesus Christ, wherever you are.

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